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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Here's most of the first part of a rambling prose poemy whatnot. My friend Marc Lowe wanted to know about the writing process behind the creation of this piece. As always, the words came tumbling out of the rivers of my unconscious after I'd "grabbed" the first phrase. Here, I thought of changing the tense of the biblical phrase from the past "was" to the present "is," which makes philosophical/metaphysical sense to me, and seeing where that concept/those words would lead me. The rhythm of my thoughts/words flowed naturally, so I just let them go where they wished to go. I knew the piece would be a trilogy, as usual. After drafting part one, I continued. The entire piece wasn't written all at once. And then I revised and revised, so now I think it's almost pretty much done, but then I never think anything is ever done.

In the beginning is

In the beginning is before the beginning after the endings the missed endings mixed blessings endings and always in the middle of it all before and after is all the zero
times zero, meaning one in the sum of its parts, the fractious parts of the one parting departing breaking up into star bits, ego bits, id bits, alpha bit soup, genetic stew,
devolving evolving revolving violently, breaking into cells molecules galaxies exploding imploding, birthing stars (sometimes by Caesarian) falling twinkling and belching the indigestible jet sum pom poms and flotsam;

In the beginnings endings of galaxies exploding imploding, birthing stars together falling apart together twinkling and belching the indigestible jet sum phoenixes and flotsam;
before and after, is all the zero times zero, meaning one in its parts fractions of no things
parting departing breathing always in and out breaking up into fractious star bits ego bits id bits alpha bit soup, genetic stew, caves, pyramids, igloos, coffins, mud huts, holes and monkfish revolving madly breaking into molecules into galaxies exploding imploding, birthing stars falling twinkling and belching the indigestible jet sum corsets and flotsam, casino chips, pterodactyls, blue hats, canaries, pompoms and pantaloons, the hollow cries of wolves.

In the beginning is the ending is always the middle is floating forever ever never
in all there where who can tell is anywhere is not imagining all of it, bits of ego,
id and libid o such as we supposing symphonies of orbiting cellos playing the music,
announcing, recapitulating: in the beginning there was in the end there will be there was there will be most definitely finitely finally you can count, count on it, get the rhythm

the hymns the footnotes; res ipso loquitor. GET IT NOW! Believe you me,
we bits of star bones bend our mind bones to envision the unseen, to name

the beginning THE beginning, in place and time,

a beginning an ending one can count, can count on as we come and go

into the hole, casino, pyramid the coffin and up and up rising galactic dust, ending

to form another


(copyright carol novack 2005-06)


cb smith said...

I am an editor with Barfing Frog Press, the all out magazine of the great west. I have read and am impressed by your edgy work at and would love to have you submit some of your work to Barfing Frog Press.
Please send some work for immediate consideration.
Thank you,
CB Smith

cb smith said...

i comment the comment that is a comment of the comment. no comment.

cb smith said...

he is what she is i said he said she said

Carol Novack said...
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