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Saturday, March 11, 2006

HERE'S THE PAUL A. TOTH INTERVIEW with real COOOOOOOOL music and words by TOTH following. And yeah, it's a Podcast, but you don't have to be a plant or even own one.


_ (

Listening to the Podcast:

1. An I-Pod is not required. Any PC or Mac will do.
2. Go to: _ (
3. On the main site, right-click the "Direct Download" link for the episode
of your choice and save "file," "link" or "target" (label depends upon
browser) to desktop.
4. Double-click the downloaded file. Listen using any media player.
6. I-Pod users should drag the file into their appropriate I-Tunes folder or
subscribe via I-Tunes.
6. Tap "podcasts" in upper-left menu of the main site to access older shows.

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