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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Very boring news for the vast majority of planet dwellers, but most welcome to me. My piece, originally "Interview with Self," now called "A without Q with/out Self" will appear in the print version of Notre Dame Review in January.

Other boring news: Sunday's reading in Greenwich Village (Gradisca Restaurant, 13th St.) was a wonderful, warm, quality event, with a large and receptive audience. All readers (Lance Olsen, Claire Moed, Justin Taylor ---- & even self here :-) gave compelling performances. And we had a very fine opening & closing, which included readings by Rochelle Ratner and Girija Tropp. The deep orange room, with black and white artworks, was a PERFECT venue for our reading; we expect to organize many other readings there. The restaurant staff were terrific and the food's fantastic. Quite a few of us lingered to eat and drink [more] after the reading.

I'll be reading at the KGB Bar on Thursday as well as Saturday night. Whew! Details are up at MHR.

Oh yeah ---- MHR's two week reading period for Issue 7 began yesterday. Lots of subs are coming in.


Rus Bowden said...

A very boring congratulations to you, Carol, on that boring NDR publication thing.

Good stuff going on. Wish I were there.

That yellow ribbon post is hilarious and chilling.

Carol Novack said...

Thanks, Rus! I've been so negligent as far as this blog thang's concerned, it's really nice to know that my pals check in.

So when are you coming down here?