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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Yes, a bad bad blogger I! Whilst receiving dozens of emails a day re election fraud and outcome predictions, I've been working hard on a story for an anthology of experimental writings. I finished the (revising as I wrote) draft, but decided (after having fallen in love with it at first sight), that it sounds/reads too mainstream. So... it's in the freezer freshening up. More on that story once I send it off. The deadline's Nov 15th.

Not a bad week. Two acceptances, one rejection. The two good ones --- The innovative & eccentric print mag Orphan Leaf (excerpt from an imaginary novel on the theme of "freedom") and La Petite Zine (3 Silly Love Stories). The journal that dared reject one of my most brilliant narratives shall not be named. It deserves even less than that. :-)

I'm reading The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas (I know... I should've read it years ago), on top of writings by new very witty friend Lynda Schor & others. So many books, not enough time.

Tuning out for the night,

The Mad Hattress

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