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Monday, January 22, 2007

3 items of good news from my very personal perspective:

My fairy talish antic "Once in a Field" has been named a "work of the day" at
EmergingWritersNetwork. I can't compute how many times I revised that piece, but in
the end, I got it "right"!

Arts, Letters and Commentary's latest, impressive issue includes my trilogy "Minnows." Too
bad it's not online as well, but it will be one day. I had a hell of a time getting that piece
accepted. Then all of a sudden, two editors, both poets rather than fiction writers (meaning
that they read the piece with their ears) accepted it practically simultaneously. I discovered
that after notifying Lee Chapman, of First Intensity, that I was withdrawing the fish from consideration. She had just snailmailed an acceptance letter. The acceptance by ALC was communicated by email. Editors should definitely use email to communicate acceptances!
Lesson in point. Anyway, Lee's taken another rhythm-driven/lyrical trilogy "Girls at Play,"
for this year's issue. So all's well that ends well.

The very fine onliner Salt River Review has published my prose poem trilogy, Dance, Baby, Dance!

I know I've been a very lax blogger of late. I'm reading and writing a bunch of things all at
once, driving myself cookoo. I was up at Lake Forest College recently to collaborate with composer Don Meyer & also a bit with writer Davis Schneiderman. I recited a bunch of my writings which Don recorded. He's adding audio affects. Davis recited two. One of the soon to
be completed audio versions will be published shortly in Notre Dame Review's online journal, which complements the college's print journal. The piece is "A without Q with/out Self." The ideal situation: print and online publication. Another will emerge next Fall in Action Yes. I'm hoping that Davis's recorded recitation of "3 Silly Love Stories" will accompany the piece due
to be published someday in La Petite Zine.

2 readings coming up this week -- announced in my last post.

Excuse the weird formatting. Blogger is creating line breaks probably because I'm shortening sentences to avoid the previous posts from disappearing to the bottom of the page. If anyone
can tell me how to correct the formatting, please do!

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Kitty said...

Congrats! I read about your site on the Emerging Writers site.
Thanks for such a lovely place. There's tons to read!