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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The seminal topics of the week plus:

1) People are continuing to murder, maim, and insult one another for various stupid primitive tribal religious racist xenophobic idiot power ego reasons.

2) People in America in droves watched the Super Bowl for various stupid primitive tribal geographical reasons (etc. -- see above). I'll leave religion out of this.

3) The weather is so erratically insane, it's a wonder that congress people are continuing to make fun of Al Gore and question global warming. As if Al Gore created global warming. He couldn't --- he didn't rig the voting machines!

4) We lost Molly Ivins, one of my one heroes.

5) I discovered that I can't get a government grant to keep my magazine alive because it hasn't made enough money. That's the grant system in the USA.

6) I share the cover of the magazine, City Scoops, that's hired me (aka Loopy Lulu) as a columnist, with Donald Trump and his son. Yech. Oy. Yech.

7) I wasn't nominated for the Pushcart prize.

8) Astronaut Lisa Nowak has been the focus of idiotic media-spermed national attention, because Americans love soap operas. This latest victim of zealous prosecutorial overkill and ambition has been charged with intending to kidnap and murder another female rocket scientist. It figures. A scorned woman rocket scientist who drives from the sucky State of Texas to the sucky State of Florida, in diapers, with a beebee gun, to confront another female rocket scientist for fooling around with a good-looking married male rocket scientist must've wanted to kill the other female rocket scientist. The nation is waiting with baited breath to find out whether Rocket Hudson will be charged with adultery. In the meantime, the general concensus is that very intelligent women are dangerous.

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