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Friday, June 01, 2007

Studio Artist News: Jean Detheux Chronicles the Visual Music Marathon

Re: My friend & Collaborator, Jean. Our first collaboration, an animated art film in which I recite my piece "Civil War" (in the last issue of 5_trope), with music by MHR composer Guthrie Lowe, will show at our June 10th fundraiser. We will also be showing Jean's Daydream Mechanics V Sketch 3. Jean may create another film using my recorded recitation of "Once in a Field," in the current issue of Segue & a work of the day at Emerging Writers (links in sidebar). All very exciting.

I met Jean circa 1978, not long after I had returned from Sydney and 9 months of residing & traveling through Europe and the Continent (Athens, Lesvos, London, Scotland (Dingwall), Oslo, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Switzerland (Dornach - where Rudolf Steiner's strange, futuristic looking buildings stand), Paris, London). I suppose I should write a memoir. The trip was full of crazy adventures, each of which determined the ensuing fork I would take. I read the (at that time) best seller "Fear of Flying," thinking the protagonist's adventures paled in comparison to mine. I lugged my typewriter about, hoping to write at least a great play --- was using up grant money bestowed upon me by the Arts Council of Australia.

Anyway . . . I lost touch with Jean in the early 80's and only re-found him in 2005, when a google search revealed that he was living in a country town in Ontario, about 15 minutes from my cousins' house (!!), where I'd planned to stay for a week or so. I was curious to find out what had happened to him; I'd always believed Jean to be an extraordinarily talented artist, and I thought it would be great to include his work in MHR. Jean is now living in Montreal. I traveled there in December to record "Civil War."

Studio Artist News: Jean Detheux Chronicles the Visual Music Marathon

Studio Artist user Jean Detheux has written a review of the recent Boston Visual Music Marathon which featured his new Studio Artist animated film Daydream Mechanics V Sketch 3. I think any one interested in creating abstract visual animations will be fascinated by this review of the Visual Music Marathon. There is also a great interview with Jean Detheux by Marjorie Kaye online you can read here that includes galleries of some of his beautiful Studio Artist animations.

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