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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Forthcoming Anthology / Collaborative Project

Doug Martin, publisher/editor of Snow*vigate, has chosen my fusion in 5_trope, "Civil War," for inclusion in his "best of online writing during the past 10 years" anthology, due out this Fall. This piece has been published in recitation form in an animation created by Jean Detheux and with music by MHR composer Guthrie Lowe. It may show at film festivals. The piece has been translated into French by the tri-lingual poet Stella Radulescu.

The multi-talented, inventive artist Orin Buck is revising his animation of part of my poem/prose poem "In the beginning is." The initial version was shown at the MHR fundraiser. It consists of a dazzling, rapid fire succession of visual images --found via Google searches for visual images (eg, "pantaloons tossed carelessly")-- that relate, remotely or obviously to the word images and phrases in the proem. This original version was enhanced by Beethoven's Ninth. We're hoping to engage a composer to create original music to accompany the revised version. We'll be working on other collaborative projects. Exciting!


Martin Heavisides said...

Congrats, and good luck with all that. I've managed to look at only a little of the new MHR so far, but the play about the three women and their cosmetic surgery is marvelous. Hope I can catch up with the film you mention at some point.

Robert said...

wow, Carol

that IS exciting news