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Monday, July 30, 2007

my claim to fame as an attorney

In case anyone's interested in reading the (federal) Second Circuit Court of Appeals's decision in the constitutional (1st Amendment & Equal Protection) action I instigated (and ultimately won) on behalf of "street artists" during the 90's, you'll find the link below. The battles actually commenced in Criminal Court, NYC, in 1993, when I told an artist friend, Robert Bery, that I'd defend him if he were arrested for selling his artworks in a public place without a vendor's license (which he didn't have). He received a summons, his artworks were confiscated, and the long, gruelling drama began. I founded a street artists organization, organized protests, obtained a City Council hearing, and wrote press releases. There were articles in small local newspapers, as well as The NY Times, Post, and Daily News.

The Second Circuit's decision contains some of the language in my brief and the case remains a binding precedant for freedom of artistic expression all over the country, as the US Supreme Court denied certiori.

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Martin Heavisides said...

Impressive decision. Work to be proud of.