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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lyrical Fiction Writing Workshop Offering

Fiction Writing Workshop - for Intermediate & Advanced Writers (Greenwich Village)
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Date: 2007-09-19, 2:25PM EDT

I am a widely published fiction writer and poet, the publisher/editor-in-chief of an increasingly popular and respected literary/multi-media e-journal, and an instructor/workshop leader of fiction writing and performance reading at an arts center in Queens, where I've received glowing reviews. I've also been an adjunct instructor of English in two area colleges, a copy-editor/writer for a well-known glossy magazine, and a featured reader in many prose and poetry series in the vicinity and elsewhere. I run my own series at the KGB Bar. Finally, I have a Master's Degree in Social Work, with a concentration in community organizing and social group work. The skills I learned during my pursuit of the degree come in very handy in a workshop setting. Ok. Enough about me already!

If enough writers are interested, I will offer the following workshop, including a session or two on performance reading, at participants' request. I envision leading 6 - 8 intensive, weekly, or bi-monthly meetings in my apartment or elsewhere in the Greenwich/West Village vicinity. Dates and times will be scheduled according to participants' needs and preferences. Cost will be reasonable and dependent on several factors.

This is not a typical write by rules "how to" workshop; it's for serious writers of literary fictions, fusions, and/or poems.


The discovery and development of one's authentic voice/s through surrender to process is a liberating experience, sometimes exhausting, but always energizing in the deepest sense. This workshop will sharpen writing skills, with a focus on process and language, language as music and visual art, via discussions, writing exercises, prompts, and readings of other authors' prose, as well as prose by participants. How can we tap into our unique thinking, feeling and knowing processes to discover and develop our own special voices, create prose that sings, and images that startle, delight, and disturb? This workshop is for intermediate and advanced writers interested in exploring what they can do with language. It is also a stimulating and inspiring course for those who suffer from so-called writers' block.

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