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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Deaths of Innocent Men in U.S. Custody during the "War on Terror."

from Mark Crispin Miller's blog/newsletter:

Over one hundred prisoners have died in suspicious circumstances in U.S. custody during the "war on terror." "Taxi to the Dark Side" takes an in-depth look at one case: an Afghan taxi driver called Dilawar, who was considered an honest and kind man by the people of his rustic village.

So when he was detained by the U.S military one afternoon, after picking up three passengers, denizens wondered why this man was randomly chosen to be held in prison, and, especially, without trial?

Five days after his arrest Dilawar died in his Bagram prison cell. Hisdeath came within a week of another death of a detainee at Bagram. The conclusion, with autopsy evidence, was that the former taxi driver and the detainee who passed away before him, had died due to sustained injuries inflicted at the prison by U.S. soldiers....

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