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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

good news of a personal nature (again) : WOOWHOOO!

sorry -- no good news to report of the world outside ... murder and mayhem continue; it's so comforting to realize over and over again how insipid and insidious the species is, isn't it!?!


so anyway, my news, for anyone who happens to drop by, is Fiction International's (Harold Jaffe's) acceptance of my most recent piece for the Freaks issue, which will emerge next December. i'm terribly pleased that my piece was so quickly accepted by a first rate journal with a progressive social conscience. the piece is called Ramon's Dream, in four movements. it's very dark, full of shadows without light. not my usual tongue-in-cheek, satirical stuff. this comes from the nether-sphere of yours truly. came spilling out of me like a wild river freed from a dam. i love it when my authentic process does its thing!

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