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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If there are voting problems, blame the woman.

Here's the subject line of this post about voting irregularities in North Carolina. And guess who's the projected (actual) winner. Hmm. Why am I criticizing the Obama freaks who hate H Clinton? Hey, I still think like a lawyer, write like a poet. I'm SO sick of the inability of thinkers to think. Does this make me an H Clinton fan? Does this make me a Bush lover? THINK!

If our progressive mentors are coming up with this BS, along with the corporate tied, immoral media, there's no hope for this country:

The winning line: Clinton may "sweep" North Carolina

When you want to know the truth about a war, you don't listen to the briefers at the
Pentagon--you listen to the soldiers on the ground.

And when you want to know what's happening in an election, you don't listen to the
media--you talk to those voted, or who tried to vote.

So check out what some (would-be) voters have experienced today in Granville County,
NC, and please do everything you can to spread the word.


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Anonymous said...

I love this blog, again.