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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Really, Obama, it's the money

So the great change agent decided NOT to vote either way on the telecomm immunity amendment to the FISA legislation, for reasons that should be obvious -- duh (as formerly reported, he supported this legislation, a further evisceration of our 4th amendment privacy and 1st amendment free speech rights). As a matter of fact, BO's been absent from voting 18 times since June 2nd. See his voting record.

How I wish that a genuine progressive were the presumptive nominee!

A friend of mine and I were discussing Obamamania yesterday. And yes folks, follow the money. (good point, E.D. - you don't get to be an Illinois senator without mucho corporate backing.) Yep, Obamamania's part of the American magical thinking mentality. Until/unless we awaken from the "everything will be ok," blind faith trance, we're going to be cooked. Well, we're already cooked (as well as literally deluged). How's YOUR summer going, folks?

Here's a cute little article that suggests the reasons so many so-called House Democrats flip-flopped on Fisa.

Well, yes, then there's Obama's flip-flop on campaign public financing. Suivez l'argent, baby!

Really, Obama, it's the money

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