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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Obama to 'refine' Iraq plan - Mike Allen -

3 strikes and you're out, man.

He flip-flopped on FISA, thumbing his nose at seminal first and fourth amendment rights. Then he spoke of expanding the Bush (Christian) faith--based initiative, avoiding the obvious unconstitutionality of employing religious groups to do what our government has the obligation to do for US residents. Now he's reversing himself on Iraq -- don't kid yourselves. How can ANYONE believe that Obama will effect the progressive changes he once spoke so eloquently about? We're in big trouble.

I called this phony "progressive" from the getgo and Obamaniacs threw nasty words at me. Sorry to say I TOLD YOU SO. NOW, what are you BO fans going to do with your falling hero? Donate more money? Continue to think up absurd rationales? Huh?

Obama to 'refine' Iraq plan - Mike Allen -

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