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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Startling Definition of Feminism

So I'm watching the Chris Matthews show at MSNBC. (I habitually avoid TV News, btw, but hell, once in a while.) As usual, a Salon illuminata is on board. Big deal ... voice of journalistic objectivity, right? So Joan Walsh talks about Sarah Palin, and says (in substance) that she admires Palin for being a feminist. So what's a feminist? Palin's tough. (You know like pitbull with lipstick, ha ha ha... enough with the joke, I've heard better ones). Duh. Since when is a woman a feminist simply for being tough and fighting like a badly raised, ahumanistic wild animal? How can anyone call Palin a feminist when she opposes women's constitutionally mandated right to terminate their pregnancies, even rape victims? Duh. Hide your head in the desert like an ostrich, Joan Walsh. I would never choose you to represent my interests as a woman. I like women. You don't. But then, I'm an old style feminist. I guess new ones simply have to be pugnacious to qualify. Woman like man. Excellent! Can play man's games. Excellent! Woman must be feminist! Logical. Bar exam question to test one's ability to deduce. Induces sick to stomach attack in this feminist.

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