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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Wonders of PBS & the NYT

On Sarah Palin's magnificent performance on the Gibson show, David Brooks of The NY Times stated in substance: "Asking her what she thought of the Bush Doctrine was an 'unfair question.'" Come on, Brooks .... wouldn't you expect someone running for possibly President (ya know, Mc Pain might croak) or even Vice President to know how to deal with the question, particularly when the context was clear? Palin's answers to all of the questions were pathetic, displaying a shameless ignorance of just about anything one would need to know, even on an elementary level, when running for a major national government position.

This re-affirms my disgust with PBS, Brooks, and The New York Times in general. Where are the intellectuals, the constructive questioners? Ok. Let's watch Maher, Colbert, and Stewart. NOT on PBS. Don't support PBS and don't buy The NY Times. Though there are a couple of thoughtful columnists there and you can find them online! Free!

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