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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Palin to Leave Wolf Pup's Head in Bedroom During Debate

3:43 am: Disassociated Press (DP): Sources close to the Palin family have assured certain undisclosed conservative Republicans that contrary to assertions by the Moms for Palin National Committee, Governor Palin will not bring her favorite wolf pup trophy to the debates. A close friend of Palin's revealed the little known but "endearing" fact that "Sarah carries the sweet little furry head around just like that Peanuts character carries his favorite blanket." Stumbling on his words, with his cooey voice, McPain told this reporter: "Sarah keeps her trophes in her home and her family life and artistic tastes are her business. The rumor about the animal was spread by what's his name, you know that radical running against me." No word yet from the what's his name camp. But we all know that everyone's rushing like crazy to save the economy without having a clue how to do so, including McPain and what's his name, who stand united in their fervent desire to please their fellow Americans. "I suspect that the wolf will be swept under the carpet, along with the economy and polluted pork bellies. It's going to take more than a Hoover to save us all," said Senator Dennis Kuke whatever.

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