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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Palin Receives Endorsement of Fundamentalist Feminists with Mongoloids* and Moms for America.

Disassociated News Extra: 10/14/08: Sarah Palin Receives Endorsement of Fundamentalist Feminists with Mongoloids* and Moms for America.

Sarah Palin rose 2% in some polls today as she reached out to FFM and MA. At a rally in Boise (where boysies are always boysies), the President of FFM, Catherine Smith Krunk, endorsed “sweet Sarah” as the “Mother of America.”

Posing before Fox 5 television cameras in her wolf-skin camisole, Ms. Krunk stated:
“Sarah Palin exemplifies the evolution of feminism, as well as the integrity of motherhood. So who gives a heck if she doesn’t go for Choice? She’s bringing up Mongoloid Baby and plans to make more of them, if God so wills it. In fact, she’s going to extract 50% of the budget allotted to homeless veterans to Moms for Mongoloids, a federal division of FFM.”

Moms for America spokesperson Mary Uganuk rushed on record to agree: “Due to those Arab terrorists, it’s clear that everything’s going to be polluted, including mother’s milk, though we’re working on that. MA is united in its mission that mothers with deformed fetuses be encouraged to bring them into America, as part of God’s work.”

A spokesman for McPain has confirmed (to this reporter) that McPain will announce this at the debates tomorrow night in order to achieve a 2% gain on that …. that guy … umm. “Arab terrorist.”

Arab-American spokesman Allah Ali commented from an unknown location: “Yeah like we really appreciated McPain’s telling that stupid woman at his rally Obama isn’t an Arab. Like we’re all terrorists? Eh? I just lost my entire investment, from my spice and beans shop in Brooklyn, at the stock market. Like I need this stupid shit on top of wondering how I’m going to live on the street with my family?”

Time will tell. Progressives are about to storm both the McPain camp and the Obama camp. At the Obama camp, they’re carrying banners, such as: “CORPORATE OBAMA, WISHY-WASHY OBAMA, PRO-FISA OBAMA: GET REAL OR JOIN THE MCPAIN CAMPAIGN!” At the McPain Camp, they’re saying the obvious: the guy’s even worse of a Pinocchio than Obama."

An anonymous spokesperson for Fed-up Progressive (FFP)stated: "You can fool all of the people all the time. And you can also fuck them, not pleasantly. I'm moving to the South Pole."

* Yes, of course, the term "Mongoloids" is a derogatory term for human beings born with Down syndrome. Use of that term by this author is in no way an endorsement of the ignorant bias of those who abuse it. To the contrary and to make a point. This is a satire, after all. Hypocritical Palin and McPain are sickening in their prejudices. -- CN

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