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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"My" poems in the famously infamous anti-anthology Go Godot

How did I merit two? I'm totally tickled and pickled and damn, I wish I'd actually written these. There are some brilliant lines here like "Your yellow dozes flow and go." Hmm. I think I'll steal some of them. BURN THIS POEM! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! HAPPY DAZE, GO GO GODOT!

Bowing half-speed

A kind of ear
Your yellow dozes flow and go
Bitterly, dun colored mist has known,
. like an arm
Here you have been, impossible mammas in
. a far off hand
From your inefficient hand you
. has longed for you, wanting, from your
. . throat surroundings going
Always broaden a day, arm outbreak steamer
. boat, as you
. . could
The existence has wakened at night–the single
. existence
Let you talk and
. shriek your half-speed
Like an inefficient thing
Like a sober truth
Inestimable as help, gifted as voice
Until at dawn you have muttered you, shouting, muttering, days,
tops, kurtz, the advancing banks, light, young, untalented as these
Because you have minded you, wanting, looking, founder than an
As if you have been countless, bowing, heading, like false facts.
As if you have expanded you, letting, talking, more gifted than a

Carol Novack

Like a definition

Deep improvements, deep rocky bullet-holes
These have been new
He has rambled within timidity, in
. the vermillian nature of dark
. . poetry
While he has been
. scathing, saying, wandering, jerks, letters, memories,
. . the saving ships.
Cross, cross ivory in your
. hair
Another foot has been falling from the
. strained breath, falling and standing,
. . a legal definition
Between this temperature and
. that temperature
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