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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama's Pragmatism

Just a few comments here. Hey, I lost a couple of "progressive" friends and acquaintances early on for refusing to jump on the Obama bandwagon. My evidence about the too cautious, very "political," vapidly rhetorical Obama was shooed as if I were a gnat. But hey, wasn't Socrates a gnat? Okay, okay, I'm ordering some Hemlock already.

So I listened to the witty, sarcastic, righteously enraged and very popular media maven Keith Olbermann slaughter Hillary Clinton and others and extol Obama as the next American Messiah, the MAN to bring about "change." Well hey, here he is (Keith) questioning what BO's doing. Duh. Everyone goes where the wind blows, eh?

Our Reverend Prez-Elect is re-appointing the same centrists that brought us Billy Clinton's enlightened, progressive reign (no, I'm not being serious). To be fair, Bill brought us a good economy and BO seems to have chosen a knowledgeable economic team that even includes a woman or two. Wow. And maybe a good FCC person. But hey, what are you thinking, change agent .... Gates? You're keeping Bush Repugnican Gates as Defense Secy? No no no no. Pragmatic, but . . . What are the implications, eh? BO wants to send more troops into Afghanistan, kapow kapow. Come on, baby libs and assorted lefties, you can't negotiate with The Kaliban! Where else is America going to go? North Korea? Iran? Watch where the wind blows out of our new Prez's eloquent mouth.

Why don't I trust BO? Read this blog from Jan 08 on. But please don't get me wrong. I'm ecstatic that the Boooshes were banished to Elba and I'm in giddy shock and awe that a dark completed person made it into The WHITE House. And I have no complaints with pragmatism in its place. It comes in useful in organizing, problem-solving activities; it's nothing to sneeze at. But there are limits to pragmatism. When a leader uses it (stated or not) to excuse a deviancy from what he once promised his fans, a deviancy from the persona he adapted to woo them into working for his election, giving money to his "cause," this is ... I submit (as Keith says with such dramatic flare) betrayal and hypocrisy. We MUST STAND GUARD AND PROTEST!

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