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Friday, May 29, 2009

Stop NBC from swiftboating universal health care.

Americans' lives depend on whether we pass the right kind of health care reform. So why is NBC News airing an infomercial that will spread dangerous misinformation?

President Obama is committed to health care reform*, but some Democrats in Congress are already wavering on an extremely important provision - basically, without a public option, the health insurance industry gets to keep getting richer while Americans languish without the care they need.

We need to tell the truth about health care. But NBC is preparing to put lies on the air this Sunday.

Rick Scott is the Chairman of a group called Conservatives for Patients' Rights, and he has a history of disseminating lies and misinformation. According to the AP, Scott is "the former head of Columbia/HCA health care company who was ousted amid a fraud investigation that ultimately resulted in the firm pleading guilty to charges of overbilling." His "documentary" looks to be an extended version of videos he's been promoting over the last few weeks, which characterized as "misleading" in part because they misrepresented the opinions of a doctor who actually favors the public option.

Send an e-mail to NBC News President Steve Capus today: Tell him not to air Rick Scott's shameful propaganda. The show is scheduled to air this Sunday, so please act today.

Stop NBC from swiftboating universal health care.

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