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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Open Letter to Democratic Citizens of Europe

Open Letter to Democratic Citizens of Europe
13 July 2009
An anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, and racist minority that openly advocates political terrorism is running rampant in Hungary today.
They openly proclaim their violent nationalist-fundamentalist, pseudo-democratic, fascist-like, anti-humanistic slogans favoring discrimination against ethnic groups and alternative lifestyles. The results of the 2009 European Parliamentary election show that Hungarian society is not willing to accept cultural differences and to choose to accept that all ethnic groups have a place in the Hungarian melting pot.
Ignoring the lessons of the 20th Century atrocities, they ghettofication of Hungarian society is underway. We must see the frightening developments in our nation.
The radical Far Right groups are offering easy solutions for the layer of Hungarian society that is frustrated with the political culture and seeking security in the face of economic crisis. They are using twisted logic and historical falsification to feed the frustrated population with simplified solutions. We can see through their efforts to rehabilitate the perpetrators of crimes that must never be forgiven or forgotten. Through their actions they are destroying the international reputation of our country and creating fear in the hearts and minds of our democratic citizens.
Under these circumstances, we, the Citizens Against the Far Right – with the support of international democratic forces – feel the need to fight against the violent politics and program of the Far Right.

We can only fight barbarism with humanism!

Far Right groups throughout Europe have planned a series of events in memory of Rudolf Hess for 15 August 2009. We are inviting all humanist, anti-fascist forces here to Hungary so we – with Europe's help – can protect our democratic system!

Citizens Against the Far Right

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