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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The President's Speech: Let me get this straight.

(1) If I've had to pay for an unreasonably priced ("unaffordable") health plan, I won't be eligible to utilize a public option, as I'm insured by an unaffordable health plan.

(2) If I'm unemployed, I'll get no relief from provisions related to protections for the employed.

(3) If I'm a freelancer or own a so-called "business" which earns little to no money, I'm fucked.

(4) If I don't have a pre-existing injury or condition, the so-called "reform" health insurance won't have any relevance to my situation.

(5) These proposed changes in health insurance for Americans (NOT illegal aliens, or maybe not even legal ones?) won't cause a deficit. Yep, I can believe this.

(6) The Congress of the USA isn't dominated by Republicans and Republicans in donkeys' clothing. Hmm. Who are our elected officials and why, Mr. Prez, do you give a fuck about the Repugs when they didn't give a fuck about (and even killed off) progressive Dems when they were in power? And also even non-progressive Dems with obvious ties to big fat corporate interests? Duh! I'm mad and I can't take it anymore!

What about you? Can you take this shit?

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