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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Caketrain [a journal and press]

Caketrain [a journal and press]

Issue 7, to be released in December, is available for pre-order.

J.A. Tyler’s teeth still unmarked white, Carol Novack’s pretty pink mouth and porky pink tongue, Sarah Norek’s hair slipping from her skull, a welt carved into Roxanne Carter’s thigh, Alec Niedenthal’s ghostly neck and chin, Matthew Curry’s inside-out torso: the seventh presents a bony, bodily form, a disembodied head above its siblings, and we are powerless to thwart its fleshly will. There are other things, survivors: Darby Larson brings ducks and story-doings, Margaret Frozena and St. Teresa of Ávila begin a duel that gives way to a duet, Matthew Derby wields this rake-like thing—but these bodies, strewn all over the issue, often dismembered, dislocated but ever-ambulant—hover still, cloud a land denuded, peopled.

Nora Almeida, Arlene Ang, Jonathan Ashworth, Andrew Borgstrom, Travis Brown, Michael Burkard, Tetman Callis, Emily Carr, Roxanne M. Carter, Julie Choffel, Rob Cook, Matthew Curry, Matthew Derby, Nicolle Elizabeth, Margaret Frozena, Noah Gershman, Alina Gregorian, Ariana Hamidi, Colleen Hollister, Chanice Hughes-Greenberg, Lauren Ireland, AD Jameson, Jeff T. Johnson, Michael Jay Katz, Michael Keenan, Marc Kipniss, Darby Larson, Norman Lock, Lisa Maria Martin, Jessica Newman, Alec Niedenthal, Sarah Norek, Carol Novack, R.D. Parker, Emma Ramey, Joanna Ruocco, Zachary Schomburg, Jeanne Stauffer-Merle, Eugenia Tsutsumi, J.A. Tyler, Lesley C. Weston, John Dermot Woods, Joseph Young.

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