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Monday, January 25, 2010


What I've felt-thought for a long time now (well, look at me bloggy from way back when), but one isn't allowed to say this without people back-lashing about "negativity." Sorry to have to keep saying "I told you so" about our current Prez, and I'm not happy that I was "right" about him, but hey ... it all gets to a point in Ameerica, the point: what the fuck do we do?

US Democracy's End of the Road

By Robert Parry
January 23, 2010

This past week had the feel of “game, set, match,” the end to a long string of miscalculations by the American Left and a crowning victory for the cynical American Right – a triple whammy of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to unleash corporate campaign spending, Air America’s dissolution, and the Massachusetts Senate election.

Especially after the Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to spend whatever they want to punish some politicians and reward others, it is hard to see a road back for American democracy.

The United States is now at the very dark terminus of a four-decades-long journey, one in which – at nearly each fateful juncture – the Right made the smart maneuver and the Left mostly hurt itself, most notably by allowing its divisive squabbles over purity vs. pragmatism to destroy the best opportunities for progress. . . .


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