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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The title of this metaview is an allusion to “Mad Hatters Review”, the quirky, crazyixture of literature, art and music which currently delights with a mash-up issue. mhr is edited by Carol Novack (twitter name: slumgoddess) who has got a flash quadruplet out on Metazen today. Meeting Carol online was almost as good as other good things (though not quite as good as yet other things, but it would go to far to explain that), and the interview, which took place over a couple of chat sessions, as Carol was leaving her native NYC to move to NC, has got as rich a texture as anything she writes.

Metazen: Hi Carol, go meta right away and tell us more about “4 Love Story Poems”, please. Oh wait, these aren’t even poems. Are you trying to fool us? ................................

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