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Monday, July 19, 2010

The English Language According to Palin

Palin Says Refudiate Appears in Fictionary
Calls Critics Incohecent

WASILLA (The Borowitz Report) – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today defended her use of the word “refudiate,” telling her critics, “Look it up in the fictionary.”

While claiming that “refudiate” is a real word, she reserved her right to make up new words in the future.

“Everyone makes up words – Shakespeare, George W. Bush, Levi Johnston,” she said. “The only person I know who doesn’t do it is my husband Todd, who doesn’t speak.”

Gov. Palin also lashed out at those who criticized her use the word “refudiate,” calling them “incohecent.”

In a related story, Gov. Palin would defeat President Barack Obama if she ran in 2012, according to a poll published in Mayan Prophecy Weekly.


Rhi said...

Children are allowed to make up words. Not adults who should know better.

Carol Novack said...

well, i think i'm an adult, and i enjoy making up words, but i applied for a poetic license and paid a lot for it. as for the linguistic moron, well, her application would've been denied.