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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuli Kupferberg, Poet and Singer, Dies at 86 - ArtsBeat Blog -

This is sad news for the many of us who admired Tuli. Unfortunately, we only met once, in Soho, where he was selling artworks and books. He gave me two cartoons, and "Teach Yourself Fucking: Political Social Cultural Artistic & Idiosyncratic Cartoons and Collages" (Anticopyright Tuli Kupferberg and Automedia, Copyleft 2000), which has been living on my coffee table. Tuli inscribed it: "Enjoy! Tuli." He was very interested in my journal, but I have no idea if he ever checked it out.

The mad hatters of the world will mourn the death of this original, generous, progressive, inventive, irreverent and valiant human being.

My cyberAKA is Slumgoddess, the object of goofy, tongue-in-cheek desire in the Fugs song, "Slumgoddess of the Lower East Side." She bids Tuli a fond, wistful adieu.


Tuli Kupferberg, Poet and Singer, Dies at 86 - ArtsBeat Blog -


Paul Sampson said...

What a shame. I knew of his doings from far away, but the good vibes traveled well in those days. Wasn't he one of the moving spirits behind that lovely publication, "Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts"? In any case, it's time for a Fugs retrospective and some long, sweet thoughts of Tuli.

--Paul Sampson

warren leming said...

tuli and ed sanders and the fugs.. were the poet advocates of the lower east side: when there WAS a lower east side. new york is much diminshed without them.... tuli, kill for peace, beer cans on the moon, and the cluster fuck remain monuments to Man immortal--- sei gesund.... whoops, w