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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dear Dairy

To my kind friends/followers and assorted collectors: I am currently on hiatus in Limbo )NOT Limbaugh(, neither here nor there. Actually, in LA at the moment. What's new in my life: I'm selling my apartment in G Village, NYC, and my family house in Belle Harbor near the beach, and moving ultimately ... to where I don't yet know. So, in the interim, I'll probably be working on unfinished works, a novel and novella, as I'm too scattered to focus on anything other. I'm also looking forward to the publication of the MadBunkersReview Mashup Issue, a collaboration with Mark Marino, and I'm re-working a future anthology called "Butterflies of Vertigo: Literary Inventions for a Century in Chaos," with my new co-editor Martin Nakell.

Looking forward to my collaborative work, a video, to be published soon on Drunken Boat. Also, a couple of pieces at Big Bridge.

Thanks for reading!


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