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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


February 8, 2011

Dear Friends of Mad Hatters’ Review:

After a very long hiatus, during which The Mad Bunkers’ Mash Issue was emerging slowly, with birthing pains, we are back as an annual and in rarer form than ever with the largest issue since our first baby scream and gurgle in March, 2005. So now we are (nearly) six, way beyond the crawling and drooling stage and quite capable of distinguishing a raven from a writing desk. Well, on second thought . . . but I digress.

Our reading period for Issue 13 will be March 1 – 31. Please see our Submission Guidelines if you want to submit! Just bear in mind that the Hatters aren’t cliquish. If you’re a contributor in 12, you’ll have to wait till 14, et seq.

So on to address Issue 12, aside from the glorious fictions, poems, whatnots, wit & whimsies, non-fictions, the lone drama in homage to Beckett, the texts and vispo’s by our Knock Our Socks Off contest winners, and the mind-bending artworks and music accompanying contributors’ texts. On top of all that, we are thrilled to present two features: “Moving Words,” selected offerings of electronic literature co-edited by Camille Bacos and Jeremy Hight, who will stay on with us as “new media” editors; and “Back From the USSR,” an impressively comprehensive issue in itself, packed with fictions, poems, and artworks by a bevy of crème de la crème contemporary Russians and Ukrainians, mostly in translation. Thanks so! to guest editors Alexander Cigale and Mariya Gusev.

Thanks also to our former art director, Marty Duane Ison, and the poetry editor for this issue, the talented Jefferson Hansen. Welcome poet and visual artist art director Gene Tanta, and Ann Bogle, former contributor and our book review and “creative non-fiction” editor. Ann has a new fiction and non-fiction e-book out. Gene has a new non-virtual poetry book out. Read Gene’s fascinating interview of the eccentric New Zealand-born poet and visual artist Christina Conrad. Paul Gibbons, who created some fine music for this issue, will join Steve Kane, Don Meyer, Suchoon Mo, and Paul Toth in the music department.

We’re acquiring two brand new-to-us incoming editors. Marc Vincenz will join Ann Bogle on “creative non-fiction” and poetry. Born in Hong Kong of Swiss-British descent, Marc has spent much of his life on the road. He lived in Shanghai for 10 years before moving to Iceland where he now works as a freelance journalist and literary critic. His books include Benny & the Scottish Blues, Genetic Fires, and Upholding Half the Sky, which was released by MiPOesias in 2010. Susan Lewis, a contributor of whatnots in this issue, will join Marc Lowe (also the author of a recently published book, as well as a forthcoming one) and Matthew Maxwell as a fiction editor. Why a fiction editor when Susan writes so much poetry? Opines the publisher: that’s the best kind of fiction editor!

Our columnists for this issue include the infamous and insanely prolific Tom Bradley, who’s published far too many books, and Ann Bogle, who hasn’t published enough of them. We’re pleased to welcome back the former mayor of Ashfield, N.S.W., Australia, poet and gadfly activist Rae Desmond Jones, the astute political commentator, Fatima Shanaz, Professor of political science and President of the India Peace Organization, and the satirical Richard Haber, who stirs up trouble somewhere in the American desert. Poet Jeff Davis, of Asheville, NC, discusses the work of former Black Mountain College resident, poet Charles Olson. And I, Loopdeeloopy Lala, the author of Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack (Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2010), present a bunch of unanswered love letters and a lawyer’s letter from my collection for (I hope) your amusement.

Expect news of MadHat Press’s first soft cover book: “Knock Our Socks Off: A Little Book of Curious Delights.” Marc Vincenz designed and laid out the collection of winning entries, and the book should be available soon. Also, expect news of our next contest.

Well, that’s the wrap, friends. We hope you enjoy our issue and please do let us know what you think! We’re open 24 hours 10 days a week at madhattersreview at gmail dot com, and we’re always happy to receive comments, suggestions, and donations that are tax-deductible for U.S. residents.

In dementia perpetua,

Carol Novack

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