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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Damning New Study: Eco Bulbs Cause Cancer

Damning New Study: Eco Bulbs Cause Cancer
Americans will be forced to use CFLs that contain poisonous carcinogens after government ban on traditional light bulb begins to take effect in January

Thanks, Bush Baby! You must have friends in the industry. Duh, dummie! You're killing your progeny. And aren't we all the dupes of the corporate oligarchy yet again. So many ways to die. Let us count the ways.


Lighthouse said...

Unfortunately the cancer issue is not the only problem with CFLs, or even LEDs...

CFL Safety
( )
Home Safety
Fire Risks -- Radiation -- Health

The CFL Mercury Issue
Breakage -- Recycling -- Dumping -- Mining -- Manufacturing -- Transport -- Power Plants

LEDs: The Lead and Arsenic Issue
Lead, arsenic and other toxic content, home breakage and disposal concerns

The Overall Small Energy Savings
USA Dept of Energy and EU official sources, less than 1% of society energy usage saved from light bulb regulations

....notice also how major light bulb manufacturers welcome the ban on unprofitable cheap simple types of incandescent light bulbs,
allowing them to sell more CFLs, that people would not otherwise buy - and, arguably, justifiably would not buy.....

Carol Novack said...

Thanks for the darkly illuminating info, Panta!