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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I guess I haven't changed a bit, except that now I'm comfortable being an atheist & I think contentment is overrated & I write better & never capitalize words like creator, truth, man etc. I found some old literary magazines from my old school when I was visiting the ancestral mansion a few days ago. When I was 15, I wrote this piece/poem thing called THE KEY. It's not exactly brilliant but it is somewhat hysterical.

Who has created Man
The suffering tradesman, the selfish rich,
The multitude, the mases who yearn so for freedom?
Where is the key?
Oh free the lock
And show the world the Creator.
But stop,
I go too far!
Perhaps if such a key were found
Sweet wonder would dissolve in bitterness ---
Who found the key?
I claim the right,
No, I ---
'Tis I ---
Oh, hush ---
The Maker has fled,
Frightened away.
"Come back, come back," the people cry
Who've rashly lost the key to life. [OY vay
"Stay, gentle Truth." [ditto
But nay ---
The Truth is now half drowned by Falsehood. [bring me the hemlock, dear]


As if that weren't idiotic enough, here's what I said in response to the question: What is happiness?

"That which is not unhappiness and can be obtained by complete contentment."


Charity said...

oh, those capitals.

Carol Novack said...

Yes, but the capitols are even more of an issue --- particularly ours! :-)