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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A few new bits of dada data in the little life of moi, for the flock of fans. :-)

1) I or rather someone named Carol Novak is one of the 10 finalists in the Chiasmus Press competition for the Press's publication of the winner's first fiction book. So I'll find out this week if my collection made first place. The way I feel about being told about being in the finalists' group is kinda akin to the way I feel about writers including their credits as nominees for the Pushcart Prize. Either give it to me or don't. Put me out of my misery. Yet, we're all programmed to think WOW AWESOME and proclaim recognitions like this to all the world because the competition for recognition is so monstrous and unfortunately, I haven't reached that stage of enlightment at which I'm comfortable refraining from such proclamations of self-congratulations. Silly me. Silly all of us. Someone who loves my work will publish my writings, I'm confident. Chiasmus is an excellent press; I'd be honored, but ENQUIRING MIND WANTS TO KNOW NOWNOWNOWNOW. I'm a Spock baby. I can't sit on tenderhooks. My boney ass hurts.

2) My friend Paul Toth recorded A Tourist in Siberia (published in MILK) by phone for his podcast site. The quality isn't out of this world (not easy to get all my words) but the software for such recordings hasn't attained an optimal peak, methinks.

To access the recitation, follow these directions:
Listening to the Podcast:

1. An I-Pod is not required. Any PC or Mac will do.2. Go to: On the main site, right-click the "Direct Download" link for the episode of your choice and save "file," "link" or "target" (label depends upon browser) to desktop. 4. Double-click the downloaded file. Listen using any media player.5. I-Pod users should drag the file into their appropriate I-Tunes folder or subscribe via I-Tunes.6. Tap "podcasts" in upper-left menu of the main site to access older shows.

3) I finished a piece I call "Four Variations," not foreclosing a series possibility. 3 of the 4 are based on myths, but I decided to nix my first title "Mythic Variations," with subtitles naming each myth on which the variation was based. Stretches the boundaries of these archetypal tales, I feel.

Here's most of the first variation, based on the myth of Sisyphus. I thought up the concept of sky/wall peeling one night when I couldn't sleep.

"He gripped a corner of the sky and peeled it off the walls of the world to go where no man has gone before. Behind the sky was the same sky, same dry/wet, blue/gray variations, the mesmerizing metamorphics of clouds. Being and nothingness as always being and nothingness. Isn't there more? he asked, peeling the sky off the walls again . . ."

4) Our reading series Friday night was wonderful and packed like crazy. Beforehand I got to spend some time with Debra Di Blasi and her architectural husband Mark over lunch at a French diner in the Meatpacking District. I felt I was meeting an exceptionally good friend. They're both delightful! After the reading, video-taped by Claire Moed and my new special dramaturgical friend (Doc) Martin Russell, Ron Silliman, Debra & Mark, Michael Neff, MHR editor Pete Dolack & s.o. Fran et al "repaired" to Khyber Pass, an Afghani restaurant on St Mark's Place. I enjoyed talking with Ron, and came out of the evening 3 books richer --- 2 of Debra's (which she insisted on giving to me) and one of Ron's. The reading by Samuel (Chip) Delany was excellent, but he wasn't feeling well, so he had to read and split, much to his and everyone else's consternation (but we in the know were advised prior to the reading -- Chip is a very considerate human!).

Oh --- I should add that the bartender Dan was a sweetheart and he & his son Lou made a variation of my Official Mad Hatter Facoctail which was scrumptious! Good onya, Dan!!!!


david raphael israel said...

1) your blogopost makes me a bit nostalgaic for Manhattan days (it's been 15 years now since 'em).

2) re: tenderhooks / tenterhooks

but tenderhooks and tenterbuttons seem an obverse pairing, but no that's grotesque; tenterhooks and tenderbuttons better.

3) for a split second, I (mis)read << but he wasn't feeling well, so he had to read and split... >> as << ...he had to read and spit...>> (somewhat under the influence of having just read your remark about DDB's "delicate gargling").

4) quite like the Sisyphus sky-peel.


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Carol Novack said...

1) well see here, david, you can always come up for one of our mad hatter readings. just check our events page. we're either in the west village or the east village.
as for moi, i can't wait to go live in wine country, cal. been here so long i have no ears or voice left.

2) yes i know that tenderhooks is an alternative usage. tenterbuttons wouldn't work. i agree. gertrude was one sharp cookie!

3) you've been in washington dc too long. i'd have the urge to spit on lots of people there.

4) glad you like it. goes well with blue martinis.

nice ta meet ya!


david raphael israel said...

so: for the Events Page, I'm (via Firefox on a PC) getting a "Not Found". Alternatively, I'm glancing at the NYC Poetry Calendar, but not recognizing, knowing what to look for, or navigating aright. Can you help lend definition to who, what, or where? --

though it's rarely I'm north, but sometimes to make the trek.


Carol Novack said...

I tried Fireflax for a while and had no problems accessing MHR, as far as I can recall, which isn't too far. Did you try: or to make things easier or more difficult: EVENTS