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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Whooo What a Week! Ok, so good things come in 3's. My experimental trilogy of prose-poem/flash narratives Girls at Play (originally Power Trilogy) will appear in the innovative journal First Intensity in Fall, 07
(I should live so long ... ). Hurrah for Lee Chapman, who reads with
her ears as well as her eyes!

My workshop description w/bio is up at The Women's Studio Center website.

This workshop will focus on process and language, language as music, language as visual art. How can we tap into our unique thinking, feeling and knowing processes to discover and develop our own, special voices? How can we create words that sing. images that startle, delight, and disturb? How can we communicate who we are and what we wish ardently to express in a world that frequently shocks and sickens us?
This workshop will offer fun and alternative writing exercises, discussions, prompts and readings of other authors’ prose, as well as
our own, within a safe, respectful environment.

The Instructor Recommends Purchasing "Rebell Yell: A Guide to
Writing Short Fiction" by Lance Olsen before attending the Workshop.Click Here to View it on

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