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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Official Blogger I

The pressure is going to get unbearable. I am now an official "lit blogger" at emergingwriters, on the 6th e-panel. Don't asked me why. I guess the amazing Dan Wickett likes this blog. Thanks, Dan!

Dan posed all sorts of questions to all of us panelists. To read the Q's & A's, proceed to

My fellow panelists are

Matthew Tiffany – Condalmo –
Jessica Stockton – Written Nerd –
Darby Dixon – Thumb Clocks and Oven Drives -
John Fox – BookFox -
Callie Miller – Counterbalance –
Carolyn Kelloggg – Pinky’s Paperhaus –
Levi Asher – Literary Kicks –
Kelly Spitzer – Kelly Spitzer –

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