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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Panel at AWP Conference Approved

from AWP:

"Habitable Planets and Black Holes: Mapping the Expanding Cyber-Universe of the New Literary Media! I am very pleased to inform you that your proposal has been accepted forinclusion in AWP¹s 2008 Conference in New York. We received over 900 eventproposals this year, and we are very excited to offer our conferenceattendees a full, diverse, and high-quality selection of events in 2008."

My fellow panelists are publishers/editors of ONLINE MAGS (YAY!) Segue, Born, Unlikely Stories, MR (formerly Margin), and Word Riot. I'm the organizer. Don't you just love the title?

So --- if you're a friend of mine who's coming to the AWP conference, let me know, particularly as there's a real inexpensive hotel I can recommend --- courtesy of a relative of one of our panelists, Charles Ries.

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William Keckler said...

Congrats, Carol! About time they recognized the peerless Helmswoman of the most farfelu ship in these here cyber-waters!