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Friday, August 31, 2007

A Sample of Absolutely Atrocious Poetry

by our new celebrity judge of poetry entries in the UNOFFICIAL MAD HATTERS'REVIEW ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS CLICHES CONTEST

A Mystical Moment

By Stephen Morse

The diaphanous butterfly in the night's rose-garden
fans lightly the faery blessed stem of some foreign

flower planted lustfully in a random miasmatic fitfulness
by the heavy thighed, scaly man, confident in his loathsomeness.

The almost tumescent butterfly remembers the heaving of oceans
the dark waters dragged fitfully by unending moons and delicate

the nascent moments unjoyously heralding the fall of infinite Edens,
the heaving and falling of many delicately penetrated maidens.

The echo of pollen laden wings beat softly, mourning the beast lover
who posed as a friend until the sated Unicorn within sighed, "it's over"

The heart broken butterfly beats a delicately silent pantomime of
in the night rose-garden's sweet, erotic, dark crystal of shattered

You will always be remembered in the dark times ahead.

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