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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Writing/publication News

With all the nauseating Obama whoopha & the Clinton misogyny, I think I forgot to post news of a personal nature:

1) My first prosey chapbook, "The Architect's Play," will be published by Poets Wear Prada Press by the end of March or beginning of April.

2) My revamped collaborative CD with more music & audio affects by the exquisitely talented Ben Miller and Don C. Meyer (hear a few tracks at myspace) is available for sale via Mad Hatters' Review

3) I'll be featured at a CLWN WR reading in Dumbo on MARCH 20TH (details to be posted).

4) I'll be featured in Buffalo, NY on APRIL 3rd (details to be posted).

5) I'll also be reading at the &NOW Festival ( at Chapman University, CA (a bastion of rightwing mentality -- an absolutely appropriate venue for a festival of "innovative" writing), APRIL 15th through 17th (details to be posted).

6) I'll be featured in the gifted writer Patricia Eakins's Sunday afternoon series in Riverdale on APRIL 20TH (details forthcoming).

7) The MHR multi-media BENEFIT on MAY 4TH, 4 - 8pm, at The Bowery Poetry Club will be AMAZING. A list of participants will be posted shortly.

8) The delightful, multi-gifted multi-media writer, Sheila E. Murphy, and I completed our first collaborative project, a streamy, fusionary thang called ROOM. We'll begin our next one soon.

9) I'm not busy waiting for my first rejection of "Violet's Dream."

10) Several writings will most likely appear in Romanian translation in a Romanian print and online journal. Details will be provided sooner or later.

11) I am still having fun with "Gated Communities."

12) I LOVE the latest issue of MAD HATTERS' REVIEW!

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Robin said...

Wow! That's a lot of great news! Congrats to you, poet!