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Friday, January 30, 2009

Paul Baker's "Wordsalad" Radio Show

January 29, 2009
playlist 29 january
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Tags: poetry, spoken word

artist. track. cd title. source.

amanda stewart. icon.

anne tardos. the ego lets go of the ego. salon reading 2007.

carol novack & don meyer. destination.

geof huth. fourth car behind the school bus. at the eyedrum.

jesse glass. gaha noas zorge pt 2. gaha noas zorge. ahadadabooks com.

jordan stempleman. wednesday, thursday, friday. poems from “no, not today ”

maja jantar & vincent tholome. bizar. as long as it takes.

mary jo bang. high art. chicago reading 2005.

nico vassilakis. whip. poems 2001.

taylor mali. for health and strength. icarus airlines. words worth ink.

majena mafe. RUOK. that unsound.

brian eno. selections. on land ambient 4. editions EG.

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1 comment:

paul said...

Carol, thanks for the link, and thanks for sharing your work. I look forward to airing more soon.