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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab -

I'm happy to report that a bona fide, professional press, Crossing Chaos: Enigmatic Ink is going to publish my quirky collection: "Giraffes in Hiding: The Mythical Memoirs of Carol Novack." The book will be distributed in the USA, Canada, & GB, as well as amazon and other online stores.

I know many writers who are spending lots of money self-publishing. There are popular alternative small presses that publish e-books and print books on demand for understandable reasons, but they do little to promote their authors. And there are other independent presses that accept manuscripts mainly from writers they know (or know of). I'm proud and grateful to have found a truly innovative, open, and vibrant press in Canada, having given up on a bunch of so-called "innovative" American presses interested in publishing writers and academics produced by the MFA factory, as well as publishing those from their coteries. Having realized this past year that my writings seem to be more generally appreciated by non-US Americans (Italians, Romanians, Australians, obviously Canadians, and others),I'll be setting my sights there, as well as my country.

Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab -

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