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Friday, July 15, 2011

MadHat's July Newsletter

Dear Friends:

We’re going sawed off shotguns with our new Blog and getting  impressive submissions to the MadHat Press  poetry chapbook contest,  judged by  CA Conrad.  So please consider submitting to either or both and spreading the word.  And don’t forget to tell every poor cooped up urban dweller about MadHat’s Little Mountain Retreat (& B&B) in gorgeous Asheville, NC.

Former & Forthcoming Review & Blog Contributors & Book Reviewers:

We’re seeking book reviewers to write short reviews  Review and Blog contributors’ new books for our Blog, which means that both putative reviewers and contributors with new books are invited to send requests with details/links to  If you already have a reviewer searching for a venue, have her/him send the review to us, bearing in mind the guidelines listed on the blog.  We will also publish a few reviews in our Review issues.   We are not ruling out reviews of art, inventive electronic literature, et al.  Query and we’ll respond.
Contributors are also invited to submit news of book publications and readings/performances.  Please write “NEWS” in the subject line of your email to our blog staff and limit your descriptions to seven lines max.
And:  Contributors are invited to curate MadHat/Review readings/performances/multimedia spectacles/fundraisers in their home towns.  Email if you want to host an event.

If you haven’t had a chance to peruse our new, inclusive organization’s website, please do.  We’re really excited about our new projects, which include the expansion of the reading series to Asheville, as well as maintaining a presence in NYC.  Our Mad Hatters’ Review Poetry, Prose, and Anything Goes Series will be represented in NYC at 4 pm on July 30th at The First Annual New York Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island.  Our next Asheville reading, once again at The Black Mountain College Museum & Arts Center, will take place on August 18th, and I’ll be flying up to NYC in October for a Mad Hatters’ Review Editors’ Reading at our old haunt, The KGB Bar (October 27th).  All readings and performances will be posted on the blog.

Contributors Jeff Davis (Issue 12) and Lori Horvitz (Issue 13) will join me in hosting a Mad Hatters’ Review radio show this Sunday on Jeff’s Word Play series.  Tune in to Asheville FM 5 – 6pm (EST USA) to hear recitations of works published in the Review.
MadHat Press is embarking on its first full-length publication, a book of poems by our wise and exceptionally prolific friend Hugh Fox.  We hope to have the book out by October.  It will be available for purchase via our Press page, as well as, et al.  

The expenses of preparing to open a Retreat have been an enormous strain on the bank account of the Publisher.  There will also be expenses associated with the Press, the non-profit organization, and ongoing expenses to produce the Review.  So once again, I’m asking for contributions, fully deductible for US tax payers.  Your gift of any amount will no doubt yield beneficial Karmic consequences, as well as this Publisher’s heartfelt gratitude.  We need donations to survive!

Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing season without tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, toxic spills, and nuclear fallout,

Carol Novack, Publisher
askalice madhatarts com

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