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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

BLAH BLAH --- the missing first paragraph:

LIT mag from The New School just emerged with its 12th issue, in PRINT (meaning, non-virtually incapable of correcting errors) containing my story Blah Blah, missing the very essential first paragraph.

For anyone who has a copy of LIT and wants to read the first paragraph, which is good to read if one wants to make sense of the story, particularly the ending, which refers to the first paragraph, here it is:

Blah Blah

Nobody knows why the manatee hurled itself headlong off the curb into the oncoming traffic. Officially, the Secret Police don’t know, though of course one never can tell with them. Obviously, I stopped short the instant I noticed the animal, but I couldn’t help tossing the tee into the sky, and when the poor creature fell, it was mangled and inedible. Actually, I recognized it immediately as a mutant side effect of oil spill; its eyes were lopsided and one ear was missing. And you could taste the oil in the air, feel it seeping through the intricate loop-ah-dee-loops of your cerebella if you hadn’t been lobotomized.


Chancelucky said...

Ouch, what a frustrating experience. Maybe they were afraid that the Animal Rights people would be incensed by the falling then crushed manatee.

Carol Novack said...

Yes, very frustrating to have a story published with an essential portion missing, particularly when the problem could have been easily averted. Like, duh ... send me galleys??

No, it was them neo-cons protecting the gas guzzling auto manufacturers of Ameerica.

Thanks for your empathy.