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Thursday, June 14, 2007


My CD: Inventions I: Fictions, Fusions, & Poems, is available for purchase HERE. It includes 10 creations, many with audio and or music created by collaborators Benjamin Rush Miller and Don C. Meyer, musicians/composers on staff at Mad Hatters' Review. The cover art is by frquent contributor and good friend Marty Duane Ison. To listen to a few tracks (to be rotated when I figure out how to shrink the mp3's), proceed to my "band" page at myspace: madhattercarollers. The quality of the sound is inferior to that in the CD (in wav), but you'll get the idea. I love the audio of my piece in Del Sol Review, "What to Do with the Babies." Ben did a great job with sound affects. A couple of the tracks may be accessed via the links here: Action, Yes ("Same As") and Notre Dame Review ("A without Q with/out self" aka "Interview with Self."

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